New Logo

Hokay, so we’re gonna get some tees printed. Here’s our logo from now.

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Bornfire 2014

The Singapore Unicyclists will be at Bornfire 2014 !

If you want to join us on a regular basis, check out where in the Unicycle With Us section above! And feel free to direct enquiries to us too!


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Mandai Trailer

We haven’t updated this site enough because we’ve been busy riding! Here’s something from some months ago.

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Logos Round 2

Roundup of those logos for your viewing pleasure on one page.


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Singapore Unicyclists Logo Redesign

Our current logo is long due for an overhaul so we got Aznet (who can ALSO digitises your vintage photos over at to help with a few sketches. These are a few of the more popular concepts. Note that they’re initial concepts and not the final design and so are meant to be rough.



The idea is to select one which we can use for the upcoming Asia-Pacific Games as well as on our tshirts. Comments?

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Satisfaction of Unicycles

Hello! First time posting here, but am an avid unicycler, photography and videography so expect posts about a strange amalgamation of those.

But today I am going to extol the greatness of learning to Unicycle. Now mind you I think of myself as being pretty good at a lot of things, being able to coast (is this ironic?) through most things without a lot of effort. Which is fine, however I never really feel attached. Its just going through motions. Unicycling on the other hand requires dedication and lots of time.

I have wanted a unicycle since second grade when I was in a PE circus, however I was chosen to be on a mini-bike instead. So I forgot about unicycles, until last year. Last year I attended a conference and there I met a girl who for some reason thought I could ride a unicycle. So she questioned me if I could unicycle, I said no, she said she could. Of course, because this is a good story, there is love interest. So pretty much the day after getting back from the conference I went out in search of a Unicycle in Singapore. Which if your reading this post, you know that it is not impossible, but I thought it was impossible. But I came upon Team-uni and picked myself up a 24″ Qu-ax for my birthday and it had begun! Oh and I have since given up on the girl, she is a horrible unicycler!

From April, when I got it, to  October I would go to my school and edge up next to this small concrete wall and cling on to dear life before attempting to mount this seemingly impossible device. Unicycles in the beginning are intimidating, you will probably end up with the unicycle slipping out from under you in a reasonable way, coming to believe that unicycles aren’t meant to be ridden at all. But I stuck with it, until I finally met another unicycle rider, who was a teacher at my school. Once you find someone who can unicycle, expect to be riding with in a week or two. When I finally got it, it was amazing.

I mean sure falling over and over is great fun in its own way, but riding is another beast entirely. Riding isn’t like a bike, you can’t stop paying attention, you have to have control over your body. And once your riding you will feel such a surge and by then you will probably have dealt with enough nay-sayers to feel amazing about accomplishing basic riding skills.

Unicycling does not end with riding, it never ends. The possilbities are near limitless as far as I can see. A unicycle is a replacement for your legs, you can hop, spin, dance, play hockey or even take on some mountains. Sure its great to get it for the first time, pounding your legs to go 30 meters. Its amazing, but it doesn’t end there.
There are so many more tricks and riding styles to learn! But there is no easy trick in unicycling, you have to devote yourself whole-heartedly to a trick and spend hours and hours, probably bruising your legs, to finally get it.  But when you get that new trick, you will feel like nothing can stop you. Which is one of the best feelings in life.

But remember, if you learn to unicycle, ride within your limits. Unicycling is really safe most of the time, but not being aware can make it very dangerous as with anything else.

Go get a Unicycle and learn to ride Today!

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Riding in Prague: Just follow the river? Yeah right!

So here I am in Prague, Czech Republic and like a good unicyclist, I brought my unicycle with me. I thought that I might write about unicycling in Prague to inform any prospective unicyclists intending to conquer these lands on one wheel.

Well first thing you should know is that Prague has cobblestone roads. Lots of them. In fact, you can’t go out without tripping over them and breaking your mother’s back.

So when one discovers that like in New York, Prague has a riverside bike path, along the Vltava river, all should be strawberries and cream right?


The lanes are skinny because there are no fat Czechs

So at first, it’s all ooh’s and ah’s when starting out, because the road is nicely paved and you have attractive joggers and happy-faced cyclists whizzing past you.

Also, you don’t really mind that it’s maybe about 8 degrees celsius because you’ve got music in your eyes and fluff for brains, and hypothermia is a silent killer so you can’t really feel your toes drop off.

Ooh nature!

And then the further you ride, the further away from built-up environment are. At some point, it almost looks like one of Singapore’s manicured parks except for the fact that your body forgets to sweat in a weather that slowly gnaws away at your toes.

But it’s all very pretty, you know, so most of the time is spent looking around at the pretty sights while being much pretty oblivious to other people gawping at the passing unicyclist.


Very scenic, very peaceful. You start to forget that there were ever such things as cobblestones in Prague and you’re like “Pfft I could ride on these FOREVER.”


Looks like NY












When suddenly…


[BACKTRACK] As I kept cycling further south and south, I realized, “OK I think I’m running out of energy to keep riding. Imma turn around and ride back.” But noo I can’t ride back the same way I came because bad things will happen if I do! Things like… the crops will fail and global warming will happen. So I had to ford the river like a steely cowboy does. The problem is, cowboys ford rivers that don’t attempt to drown or freeze them. Well maybe they do but they don’t have unicycles to keep dry. Also, the Vltava river is deep. Like boat-depth deep.

How now brown cow?

If you can see where Modřany is, that’s where I began to have doubts that I could keep ‘going forever’. Just before I reached Zavist, I began to despair. Luckily, a bridge! A bridge! I am saved! Hallelujah! I can finally turn around and…. start to cycle back.

It’s like someone gave you a water bag in the desert just as you’re about to collapse and then he tells you you’ll have to unicycle about 11 km more to fill it up at the nearest oasis.

So I started to cycle northwards and then we get to enjoy this lovely picture again.

"Hi. You will be riding on me for the next 83793km or so. nbd."

Did I mention I was riding a 20″ unicycle with indoor freestyle tires100mm cranks and a crotch-busting cheapo saddle that has no handle? Besides rocks, there were muds, gravels, bushes, fishermens, expressways and the cold, cold Communist weather. Nelíbí se mi to počasí.

I'm so hungry and tired... ooh sheep!

The buses on this side of river went places I didn’t know, so I didn’t want to risk it. I think there were buses going to Smíchovské nádraží which I do know where it is, but it lulled me into a false sense of security that said “ONLY TEN MINUTES AWAY BY BUS!!” so I thought “Ok, I can probably last till that train station and take the metro back.

But I was waylaid because I had to avoid the expressways (why the hell do I always end up on them??) by returning to the mud path. Then I lost sight of the route to Smíchovské nádraží. Apparently I overshot it upon checking the GPS.

(Edit: I didn’t overshoot it, it seems. I didn’t even reach it. Hunger does funny things to your map reading skills)

Yes I had a GPS unit with me. But why didn’t I consult it to get me out of this fix? 1) The map of Prague and Greater Prague is loaded inside it. If I so much as try to scroll more than a few mm away from my current location, it takes three minutes to reload itself and all of Greater Prague. 2) It’s too cold to do anything other than gawp at the GPS unit telling me I’m getting closer back to Prague.

Anyway, I found the expressway bridge with a pedestrian footpath, and so I rode across it, across the Vltava river like a BOSS and many pigeons flew around in formation celebrating my new bosshood and then I took a tramvaj and then the end.

I am not amused.

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Asia Pacific Unicycle Championships in South Korea

Photo credits Alice Yuen

Alright, I know this is late. The event happened during the first week of August and featured a turnout of hundreds. All but some tens of us are Korean.

Full writeup here

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Asia Pacific Unicycle Competition 2011 Details

It’s not too late to join in and head to Seoul end Jul for the comp! Here are the details:

Asia Pacific

Unicycle Championships 2011

30 July – 1 August


Fri 30 July

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