Who We Are

The Singapore Unicyclists are have been unicycling as a group since 2002.

We play unicycle hockey, hold group rides and longer endurance rides, go on Muni (Mountain Unicycling) trips and generally have fun on one wheel.

The very beginning

  • July 2002 – Singapore’s first organised unicycle meeting was held on 6 July 2002 at the Youth Park. The first group of unicyclists at this historic meeting comprised Ben Matthews, Simon Preyer, Julian Lim, Ong Hui Fang, Adrian Gilby and Weng Fai, where the latter three were complete beginners to unicycling. From there, weekly unicycling sessions began, where all were welcome.
  • August 2002 – Many jugglers had their curiosity piqued, and soon with Weng promoting the sport to fellow NTU mates, students of NTU started joining for the weekly sessions. Jolyon, lecturer at the Singapore Polytechnic, joined too, with Nur.

Making SP our homeground

  • November 2002 – With the increasing number of unicyclists, the cramped Youth Park became quite an unsuitable location. 19 November 2002, Jolyon offered the use of the Singapore Polytechnic street soccer court. Regular Tuesday hockey sessions became established.
  • January 2003 – The system of sending regular email reminders was created by Ben Matthews. This was the initial way of keeping in touch among the Singapore Unicyclists.

  • May 2003 – The first official demo uni-hockey match was held during the Inline Hockey League at Tampines on 18 May 2003. This was the first showcase of the Singapore Unicyclists competitive sport to the public. The lineup included Ben, Simon, Alice, Jolyon, Nur, Huifang and more.

  • October 2003 – The first group unicycling ride was on the 23 October 2003, where the Singapore Unicyclists rode from the Esplanade to Orchard.

Expanding into cyberspace

  • November 2003 – The Singapore Unicyclists Yahoo!Groups was officially created on 9 November 2003. The boards served as a proxy through which the Singapore Unicyclists promoted its sport to the public. By then, the roster of the regular unicyclists had grown considerably from when it first started.
  • August 2004 – The Singapore Unicyclists website was officially launched on 1 August 2004. A roster of the unicyclists were drawn up and the group began using the site to promote the sport of unicycling in Singapore to the general public.
  • March 2005 – A blog was created, capturing some of the events that the Singapore Unicyclists have held, such as trips to Desaru or Penggerang, or the annual Hong Kong-Singapore unicycling-hockey matches (now known as APUC).

The Group flourishes

  • July 2004 – Some from the Singapore Unicyclists attended the Unicycling Convention XII (UNICON) in Japan on the 23 July to 1 August 2004, marking the group’s first exposure to international unicycling events.
  • November 2004 – Singapore’s first international match with the Hong Kong Unicycling Team, from 18 to 22 November 2004. This was the start of the annual tradition of such matches.
  • March 2005 – Singapore Unicyclist’s first cross-country night-ride, from East Coast Park to Redhill to Lakeside (and back to Ang Mor Kio, for Sid) on the 25 March 2005. This marks the increase in distance-riding skill of the unicyclists and the first of the many long distance rides to come. Sid would eventually go on to ride across Australia.
  • June 2005 – The group takes part in the SAFRA Runway Cycling event at the Paya Lebar Airbase on 12 June 2005. Also, 17 to 18 June 2005 was the first World Juggling Day event at Clarke Quay, where the Singapore Unicyclists held performances, unicycling competitions and workshops.

  • December 2005 – A unicycling trip to Desaru was organised on the 17 to 18 December 2005. This was the first outing out of the shores of Singapore that the group has done, with their unicycles!

  • November 2007 – The annual Hong Kong-Singapore uni-hockey matches have been expanded to include countries in the Asia-Pacific, and the event was renamed the Asia-Pacific Unicycling Convention (APUC) and was hosted by Singapore on the 3 to 4 November 2007. Participant countries included Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia.
  • June 2008 – Kee, Jiahui and Shaun of the Singapore Unicyclists represented Singapore in Ride the Lobster on the 16 to 20 June 2008, an international cross-country unicycling race over 800km in 5 days in Nova Scotia.
  • December 2009 – The Singapore Unicyclists participated competitively in UNICON XV at Wellington, New Zealand, for the first time ever.
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