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The One With All the Sun – Pengerang Post-Ride

If this post was a book, it would be one of those picture flip books that kids have because you know, typing lots of words hurts my brain. Anyway, here’s the story of our trip to Pengerang which I had initially thought of as a trip from Pengerang to Desaru but ended up being a […]

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Runway Cycling Pics

The Paya Lebar Runway Cycling event took place over the weekend. I kind of remember some of these people wearing the same outfit previous years…

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Runway Cycling This Sunday

We’re meeting 740am at Eunos MRT and are doing the 15km route. Most of us will be riding 20 – 24″ unis so don’t worry about being slow. See you then!

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Muni in The New Paper

A bunch of us are featured in an article in The New Paper. It focuses on Muni and how Sheikh has the coolest mirrored helmet in all of Kent Ridge. Oh, that was our last Monthly Muni ride so if you haven’t already joined us, what are you waiting for??? Article here

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We’re on Razor.TV

The Razor TV crew dropped by to say hi. We said hi back.

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Size Matters (Not?)

Recently, I’ve taken to wondering aloud why there’s a very obvious preference by recent new riders to go for a larger wheel size. I’ve been doing my rounds on my 29″ the last few years and the other few frequent riders are riding on their larger wheels too but it’s only because we’ve been clocking […]

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Unicycling in SPIN Magazine this Month

This comes about 3 months late but there’s a two page spread on the last UNICON (International Unicycling Convention) which was held in Wellington, New Zealand in the current issue of SPIN magazine. The best part about this though is that because it marks the first time in local history that a unicycle-related article is […]

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March Monthly Muni: Bukit Timah

We’re starting a new series of monthly muni (mountain unicycling) rides on the last Sunday of every month! This month’s ride takes us to the depths of the Bukit Timah trails (picture above not representative) where all of us can get dirty, sweaty and generally kind of gross and icky. Up for it? Details here

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