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New Logo

Hokay, so we’re gonna get some tees printed. Here’s our logo from now.

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Logos Round 2

Roundup of those logos for your viewing pleasure on one page.  

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Satisfaction of Unicycles

Hello! First time posting here, but am an avid unicycler, photography and videography so expect posts about a strange¬†amalgamation of those. But today I am going to extol the greatness of learning to Unicycle. Now mind you I think of myself as being pretty good at a lot of things, being able to coast (is […]

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Riding in Prague: Just follow the river? Yeah right!

So here I am in Prague, Czech Republic and like a good unicyclist, I brought my unicycle with me. I thought that I might write about unicycling in Prague to inform any prospective unicyclists intending to conquer these lands on one wheel. Well first thing you should know is that Prague has cobblestone roads. Lots […]

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Flaming Sword on Unicycle vs. Flaming Battle Axe on Powerizers.

Awesomeness ensues. Reporting live from the unicycle while dodging the axe. (Sept 2010 Wildfire Retreat)

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Sighted in New York

What’s this now? A wheel-walking only lane? Seen near Tompkins Park, NYC.

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For the record

Just in case we contract Alzheimer’s and have the urge to remember the rides we did in the past, here’s an extensive list of most of the rides so far: 25 May 2008 – Runway Cycling and Skating 2008 17 May 2008 – Hentam Ketam 2008 Mountain Bike/Run race in Hentam Ketam, Pulau Ubin Feb […]

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The History page is done

This is rather tedious, isn’t it? Moving stuff, that is. We’re so advanced, the Singapore Unicyclists have outsourced their work to New York, instead of some factory run by child labor in China or something. I want to go cycling, but the New York weather is playing hot and cold. Mostly cold these days. And […]

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We’re moving here!

The old Singapore Unicyclists site is being moved here. It’ll take some time for the move to be completed. In the meantime, please visit our yahooboards for information and questions. Or, you can drop your inquiries with Jiahui at onewheeler(at) .

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