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Singapore Unicyclists Logo Redesign

Our current logo is long due for an overhaul so we got Aznet (who can ALSO digitises your vintage photos over atĀ to help with a few sketches. These are a few of the more popular concepts. Note that they’re initial concepts and not the final design and so are meant to be rough.   […]

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Satisfaction of Unicycles

Hello! First time posting here, but am an avid unicycler, photography and videography so expect posts about a strangeĀ amalgamation of those. But today I am going to extol the greatness of learning to Unicycle. Now mind you I think of myself as being pretty good at a lot of things, being able to coast (is […]

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A reminder for all learning to unicycle.

Remember to keep your smile up at all times, regardless of how hard learning to unicycle is. Be it climbing 240m in the next 7km or even just learning to free-mount, remember… … A smile is a frown, upside down! Keep those grins up, Jiahui! Kee approves of this message

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Once upon a time…

There was a time when the Singapore Unicyclists sought to spread their one-wheeled enthusiasm across seas. There was a time when the Singapore Unicyclists mucked about the shores of Desaru, Malaysia. However, what was not to be fathomed was that this excursion to the white, sandy beaches of Desaru would be a formative foundation for […]

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Size Matters (Not?)

Recently, I’ve taken to wondering aloud why there’s a very obvious preference by recent new riders to go for a larger wheel size. I’ve been doing my rounds on my 29″ the last few years and the other few frequent riders are riding on their larger wheels too but it’s only because we’ve been clocking […]

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