First Annual New York City Unicycle Festival

On the 3rd September to 5th September, New York City hosted its first ever annual New York City Unicycle Festival. or the NYC Uni Festival.

Activities were spread over three days; on the first day, a ride was organized to start from the Brooklyn Bridge and to end in Coney Island. Some 55 unicyclists took part and about 48 riders completed the ride.

The bulk of the festival was held at Governor’s Island, where about 300 or so unicyclists and non-unicyclists alike took part. Free workshops, unicycle-hockey and unicycle-basketball matches were held, and some flatland and unicycle-basketball demonstrations took place. There was even a trials course in the corner for those who felt that unicycling is nothing without causing your insurance premiums to suddenly triple.

Finally, on the third day, unicyclists gathered at Grant’s Tomb, the usual meeting and practice place of the New York Unicyclists (NYUC) where all sorts of weird unicycles were available for tryouts. Double wheel, triple wheel, unicycles that cycled sideways when one pedaled forward, free-wheeling unicycles and giraffes and more were free for all who had the guts to try them out.

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