Once upon a time…

There was a time when the Singapore Unicyclists sought to spread their one-wheeled enthusiasm across seas. There was a time when the Singapore Unicyclists mucked about the shores of Desaru, Malaysia. However, what was not to be fathomed was that this excursion to the white, sandy beaches of Desaru would be a formative foundation for future liaisons (that’s a lot of F’s!).

On the right, is Example 1. This was Remi and Hui Fang then. Remi and Hui Fang are now married, with a kid, although Kee comments, “Unless you consider her taking care of Remi, making him the second kid.”

The head in the foreground probably belonged to Geoffrey.

Now below, we have Example 2. The renowned duo of the Singapore Unicyclists (then of the ‘World Players’ fame), Kee and Sid, known for their flawless and freakily cohesive unicycle-hockey plays, were caught in bed. While it seems that these two did not pan out as Remi and Hui Fang did, and Sid and Kee are separated by oceans and continents, their time together was a dangerous liaison worthy to be remembered (and captured on camera and then photoshopped to hell).

Sadly, records of the Desaru trip by the Singapore Unicyclists scarcely exist now. We can only look back fondly and twiddle thumbs, reminiscing of better days and broken teeth.

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