The One With All the Sun – Pengerang Post-Ride

If this post was a book, it would be one of those picture flip books that kids have because you know, typing lots of words hurts my brain. Anyway, here’s the story of our trip to Pengerang which I had initially thought of as a trip from Pengerang to Desaru but ended up being a 12-15km ride inland from the coast at Pengerang and then back again (for some of us).

(Picture not indicative of actual numbers)

Some ten of us headed off to nearby Pengerang for what seemed like a really long ride. Like with every other ride involving yours truly, this one involves long stretches of endless roads, grass and sun. And it features as well a current favorite of some of the Singapore Unicyclists these days, the sea.

The roads were pretty clearcut and flat which trees and grass on both sides. Some of us were older and feared for our breaking backs. The younger among us rode like there was no tomorrow.

There was a nice resort at the corner which we ate at but didn’t stay in because food was all we could afford and even then, barely.

Because some of the Singapore Unicyclists are also experts in interior decoration, we’ve also laid out a display of our wheels while an excited crowd gathers to stare or take photos.

Or both.

The next trip we do WILL involve Pengerang to Desaru. Train up those thighs, people!

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