Q: I have a terrible sense of balance! Can I still learn to unicycle?

A: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be especially agile to learn to unicycle. In fact, unicycling helps you improve your sense of balance. The only prerequisites are an open mind and a huge dose of patience! We haven’t had anyone who’s had the determination to learn, fail to learn to ride eventually so that’s enough reason to believe that you too can unicycle!

Q: How long would I take before I can unicycle to the mall?

A: It differs from person to person. Some people have picked it up in 2 hours while others take up to 2 months to learn. After that, why stop at unicycling to the mall? Get a larger wheel and go cross-country! It’s the most convenient means of travel!

Q: Is this legal?

A: What’re you talking about??? No one’s going to put you in jail for unicycling on the streets! If you’re asking about the ban on cyclists on pedestrian paths, there’re no rules against unicyclists. That said though, when riding on the streets, do bear in mind that the public tends to perceive unicyclists differently from cyclists and will react in a variety of ways including stopping smack in the middle of your path. Always practise safety and never ride where you feel like you’d be a hazard to anyone.

Q: Unicycles are for clowns! Why would I unicycle?

A: The sport of unicycling has evolved much in recent years. Now, you can find specialized unicycles for entertaining purposes, for mountain unicycling, for tricks, for touring, for racing… the list goes on. There’s even talk of a unicross event modelled after cyclocross. Unicycles are much more convenient than bikes – you can store them away under MRT seats, bring them onto buses with little issue or pack one into a suitcase to bring on your next unicycling expedition. Why should YOU unicycle? That, my friend, you probably have the answer to.

Q: Unicycling is so dangerous! I’ll break my head/leg/arm/nose/kidney, won’t I?

A: Again, another fallacy. Unicycling looks and feels more dangerous than it really is. Because it has no handlebars, you can jump right off it to bail and land on your feet 90% of the time. We’ve yet to meet anyone who’s broken any body part while learning to unicycle and believe us, that’s a LOT of people. Statistically, it’s unlikely you will hurt yourself anymore than the odd bruise or scrap unless you’re venturing into more extreme stuff.

Q: I’m still unconvinced. My friends will laugh at me if I unicycle, won’t they?

A: Maybe they will but that’s probably because they can’t do it and are afraid they’d hurt themselves doing it. One of the most common excuses female unicyclists hear from the male species who don’t want to give it a shot is that unicycling isn’t friendly on the nether regions. Unicycle seats are in fact more comfortable than bike seats over time so that’s really ungrounded. One of the most common excuses male unicyclists hear from the girls is that unicycling is too dangerous/unfeminine for them. The best freestyle unicyclists in the world happen to be Japanese girls so that’s ungrounded too. Think of it this way – unicycling’s a great experience. Even if it turns out to be not your cup of tea, wouldn’t you appreciate having tried it before when you think back on life years into the future?

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