A reminder for all learning to unicycle.

Remember to keep your smile up at all times, regardless of how hard learning to unicycle is. Be it climbing 240m in the next 7km or even just learning to free-mount, remember…

… A smile is a frown, upside down!

Keep those grins up, Jiahui!

Kee approves of this message

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Once upon a time…

There was a time when the Singapore Unicyclists sought to spread their one-wheeled enthusiasm across seas. There was a time when the Singapore Unicyclists mucked about the shores of Desaru, Malaysia. However, what was not to be fathomed was that this excursion to the white, sandy beaches of Desaru would be a formative foundation for future liaisons (that’s a lot of F’s!).

On the right, is Example 1. This was Remi and Hui Fang then. Remi and Hui Fang are now married, with a kid, although Kee comments, “Unless you consider her taking care of Remi, making him the second kid.”

The head in the foreground probably belonged to Geoffrey.

Now below, we have Example 2. The renowned duo of the Singapore Unicyclists (then of the ‘World Players’ fame), Kee and Sid, known for their flawless and freakily cohesive unicycle-hockey plays, were caught in bed. While it seems that these two did not pan out as Remi and Hui Fang did, and Sid and Kee are separated by oceans and continents, their time together was a dangerous liaison worthy to be remembered (and captured on camera and then photoshopped to hell).

Sadly, records of the Desaru trip by the Singapore Unicyclists scarcely exist now. We can only look back fondly and twiddle thumbs, reminiscing of better days and broken teeth.

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More Free Unicycle Goodness

We (or at least I) will have a more regular presence at the Tampines Bike Park from January (that’s now). We (I) will be holding unicycle clinics for complete beginners the last Saturday of each month.

Want more details? We (I) have a page here that you can visit for any additional info!

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Tampines Bike Park Ride

A group of us rode the trails at the Tampines Bike Park on Safe Cycling Day. The trails, like mentioned are VERY beginner-friendly because they’re mostly flat.

Here’s Hongwei being lazy on the flattest stretch of land ever. Because we have no tolerance for laziness, we fed him to the alligators that lurk by the swamps along the trail and carried on on our merry ways.

Here’s me taking a photo of my face while riding. And Kelvin’s being on his KH29 complete with handlebar.

Thanks OCBC for the jerseys. Me likey.

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Weekly Muni Sessions

Ok we’re getting our act together and there will be weekly muni rides. MORE details on how to join in the crazy fun (as can be seen from the picture above) here.

P.S: No I’m serious. There’s an actual discussion thread with more pics here.

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Flaming Sword on Unicycle vs. Flaming Battle Axe on Powerizers.

Awesomeness ensues.

Reporting live from the unicycle while dodging the axe.

(Sept 2010 Wildfire Retreat)

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First Annual New York City Unicycle Festival

On the 3rd September to 5th September, New York City hosted its first ever annual New York City Unicycle Festival. or the NYC Uni Festival.

Activities were spread over three days; on the first day, a ride was organized to start from the Brooklyn Bridge and to end in Coney Island. Some 55 unicyclists took part and about 48 riders completed the ride.

The bulk of the festival was held at Governor’s Island, where about 300 or so unicyclists and non-unicyclists alike took part. Free workshops, unicycle-hockey and unicycle-basketball matches were held, and some flatland and unicycle-basketball demonstrations took place. There was even a trials course in the corner for those who felt that unicycling is nothing without causing your insurance premiums to suddenly triple.

Finally, on the third day, unicyclists gathered at Grant’s Tomb, the usual meeting and practice place of the New York Unicyclists (NYUC) where all sorts of weird unicycles were available for tryouts. Double wheel, triple wheel, unicycles that cycled sideways when one pedaled forward, free-wheeling unicycles and giraffes and more were free for all who had the guts to try them out.

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The One With All the Sun – Pengerang Post-Ride

If this post was a book, it would be one of those picture flip books that kids have because you know, typing lots of words hurts my brain. Anyway, here’s the story of our trip to Pengerang which I had initially thought of as a trip from Pengerang to Desaru but ended up being a 12-15km ride inland from the coast at Pengerang and then back again (for some of us).

(Picture not indicative of actual numbers)

Some ten of us headed off to nearby Pengerang for what seemed like a really long ride. Like with every other ride involving yours truly, this one involves long stretches of endless roads, grass and sun. And it features as well a current favorite of some of the Singapore Unicyclists these days, the sea.

The roads were pretty clearcut and flat which trees and grass on both sides. Some of us were older and feared for our breaking backs. The younger among us rode like there was no tomorrow.

There was a nice resort at the corner which we ate at but didn’t stay in because food was all we could afford and even then, barely.

Because some of the Singapore Unicyclists are also experts in interior decoration, we’ve also laid out a display of our wheels while an excited crowd gathers to stare or take photos.

Or both.

The next trip we do WILL involve Pengerang to Desaru. Train up those thighs, people!

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Runway Cycling Pics

The Paya Lebar Runway Cycling event took place over the weekend. I kind of remember some of these people wearing the same outfit previous years…

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Runway Cycling This Sunday

We’re meeting 740am at Eunos MRT and are doing the 15km route. Most of us will be riding 20 – 24″ unis so don’t worry about being slow.

See you then!

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