Muni in The New Paper

A bunch of us are featured in an article in The New Paper. It focuses on Muni and how Sheikh has the coolest mirrored helmet in all of Kent Ridge. Oh, that was our last Monthly Muni ride so if you haven’t already joined us, what are you waiting for???

Article here

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We’re on Razor.TV

The Razor TV crew dropped by to say hi. We said hi back.

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Size Matters (Not?)

Recently, I’ve taken to wondering aloud why there’s a very obvious preference by recent new riders to go for a larger wheel size. I’ve been doing my rounds on my 29″ the last few years and the other few frequent riders are riding on their larger wheels too but it’s only because we’ve been clocking distance rather than technique.

I’m quite surprised by the number of people who’ve been talking about owning a 29″ uni and it seems that 24″ ones are more popular than the 20″ ones these days. A lot of the newer riders are taken by the thrill of going offroad or the fun in using a unicycle to commute but it really does beget the question of if the trend is due to influence.

My favorite uni is still my 20″ trials. It’s versatile enough to do tricks with, I like hopping with it and it’s light enough to lug around. It rolls down stairs and steps effortlessly and it’s not tall like the bigger unis so I don’t feel intimidated when learning stuff. Perhaps I’m wrong but I think a lot of people have the misconception that a smaller uni is not as fun since you can’t travel to places with them. It’s really quite misguided though.

Personally, I’ve

  • Traveled with my uni in a hand-carry luggage
  • Rode Pasir Ris to Boon Lay
  • Played Hockey
  • Learnt 80% of whatever tricks I know
  • Performed with it
  • Muni-ed with it

I’d probably spend more time on my larger wheel but regardless, I’d still want my small wheel around for the versatility it offers.

Do you ride a small wheel too and why?

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Sighted in New York

What’s this now? A wheel-walking only lane? Seen near Tompkins Park, NYC.

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Unicycling in SPIN Magazine this Month

This comes about 3 months late but there’s a two page spread on the last UNICON (International Unicycling Convention) which was held in Wellington, New Zealand in the current issue of SPIN magazine.

The best part about this though is that because it marks the first time in local history that a unicycle-related article is written without mention of the C-words. I’d like to henceforth extend a hearty congratulations to myself for making history. Yay.

To read the full articles, here’s

Page 1

Page 2

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For the record

Just in case we contract Alzheimer’s and have the urge to remember the rides we did in the past, here’s an extensive list of most of the rides so far:

  • 25 May 2008 – Runway Cycling and Skating 2008
  • 17 May 2008 – Hentam Ketam 2008 Mountain Bike/Run race in Hentam Ketam, Pulau Ubin
  • Feb 2008 – Qualifying ride for Ride the Lobster
  • 9 February 2008 – New Year city ride at Track 15/food binge at Hui Fang & R
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The History page is done

This is rather tedious, isn’t it? Moving stuff, that is. We’re so advanced, the Singapore Unicyclists have outsourced their work to New York, instead of some factory run by child labor in China or something.

I want to go cycling, but the New York weather is playing hot and cold. Mostly cold these days. And wet. Did I mention cold? Thursday is supposed to see nice, warm, glorious, warm, sunny, warm weather. I can’t wait.

Till then, I try to do something productive. Like moving stuff from the old site. And not doing homework. Yay.


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March Monthly Muni: Bukit Timah

We’re starting a new series of monthly muni (mountain unicycling) rides on the last Sunday of every month!

This month’s ride takes us to the depths of the Bukit Timah trails (picture above not representative) where all of us can get dirty, sweaty and generally kind of gross and icky. Up for it?

Details here

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We’re moving here!

The old Singapore Unicyclists site is being moved here. It’ll take some time for the move to be completed. In the meantime, please visit our yahooboards for information and questions.

Or, you can drop your inquiries with Jiahui at onewheeler(at) .

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