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We are the Singapore Unicyclists

Team Singapore at the Asia-Pacific Unicycling Championship, Jul 2015.

We are a community of unicycle sports enthusiasts based in Singapore. Our goal is to share our passion for unicycling within our neighborhoods through teaching, unicycle hockey and group rides and games.

We hope to bring a bit of fun to our sporting landscape and promote the idea that fitness and sports can be more than just the Olympic Games.

As a group, we’ve been playing unicycle hockey weekly since 2001 and have organized various national and regional events including starting the Asia-Pacific Unicycle Competition back in 2007. We also sometimes travel as a group to neighboring countries to meet with local unicyclists or to just enjoy a ride in a different setting.

All our activities and events are community-run and can only happen because of people like you! 

Join our conversations by following us on Facebook or Instagram or come by one of our regular meet-ups and let’s have fun together!